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CEYMPLON (PVT) LTD Software and Recruitment Service Provider offering facilities on onshore and offshore software development services as well a team which provides the best resource consulting services in sourcing its client the best Talent needed.

We help your business succeed and help in looking for a partner to work with to make your vision a reality. Our clients come to us with all of these challenges and many more. We are here to help you be successful and hold a great future ahead.


We highlight ourselves as skilled and experienced professionals who could bring solutions to your problem with a better investment in time and money you spend with us.

We commit ourselves on timely delivery of user friendly technologies and systems with zero defects, robust and extensible mobile designs, rigid and disciplined project management, and dependable client service.

Technology competences: VB.NET | Open Source | ASP .Net Framework | SharePoint | K2


"We have recognized Ceymplon as a valuable business partner who has necessary competencies to provide required level of HR services to our organization"

Asela Hapuarachchi, HR Manager - LankaClear (Pvt) Ltd

"We at NodeHow believe that staff turnover in a company supports its success immensely. Through Ceymplon recruitment & staff outsourcing services, we have been introduced to a set of remarkable candidates who are capable & right for us, saving an enormous hassle."

Lakmal Fernando , Director- Nodehow

"Ceymplon Recruitment was the candidate contact in a series of recruitment needs between me and one of my Australian corporate clients. Melissa acted as the Ceymplon’s representative. She was diligent and highly professional. The results were outstanding thus met my expectations. Engagement with Ceymplon was a great successful and I have no hesitation in recommending them to those who seek for such services."

Madhubasha De Silva, CEO- Living Dreams

"My experience with Ceymplon on Web Designing has been fantastic. They are very intuitive and apply an outstanding amount of care and creativity to each project. I look forward to work with them if requirement arises again."

Derick Wang, - Grand Beijing Chinese Restaurant

"If you're starting a new business or upgrading an existing site, I strongly recommend Ceymplon. The employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to producing a high quality product"

Dennis - Royal Travelwings

Ceymplon designers are fantastic!

"They paid a lot of attention to my needs and helped revamp our web site with mobile responsiveness. We wholeheartedly recommend them for creating a fresh web sites! Since I've been working closely with Ceymplon, they have the capabilities of implementing and customising online modules. It was great working with them. And I look forward to working with then in the future!"

Fiona Shepes - Podiatrist

"We entrusted ceymplon to deliver our dream website for us and he made it happen so quickly. It was user friendly and up to date. Maneuverability of the site is great and so much easier to navigate. We have received many positive comments about the new design and have noticed that our bounce rate has decreased significantly as a result of this. Ceymplon also built a mobile friendly page for us which will do wonders for increasing revenue in our business as we have come to realize that more than 50% of our clients surf on their phones or tablets. They had a great understanding of where people start looking on sites and how to create the highest conversions by placing content, images and call to actions in the right places. "

Heuson Bak - General Manager


Having a creative and attractive website not only brings an image to the company, but also retains with us as a corporate visitor to be with us on long run. Website and information management is carefully planned before developing the website design. Ceymplon always considers the habits of our customers' requirements and ensures maximum convenience for the information presented on their websites. Our Experienced graphic designers and content writers will ensure your website matches your business or marketing requirement.


Our experts geared with a level of personal and customized apps. We have a team who are dedicated with Android, IPhone, Blackberry and Windows professionals who design high quality products for our clients. We work around within a flexible platform in terms of Price, Quality and Time.


Digital design refers to a specific computer skill in the fields of 3D modeling, digital imaging and web designing. It involves in creating a visual media by involvement of designers to sell in our customers brand on their products. From concept to copy to final creation, we will help your business stand out from the crowd with outstanding creativity and exposure.


At Ceymplon the engagement we consider is unique, with a customized strategy developed based on marketing objectives. The SEO cycle been optimized by our team will make any business key to their audience engagement strategy for its brand. These search engines would research on search volumes, audience preferences and consumer behavior which are used as tools to select the online marketing platforms.


Software products which requires an ongoing maintenance and support effectively in handling under the growing needs of the IT industry. The increasing frequency of software upgrades due to rapid technological advances, software maintenance and support provides a key to sustain our client products in a focused way. This maintains services that may include major and minor variations would enhance on a larger scale.


We do hire the right match which could be less time consuming and less pressure for you. The best performance could be in having the right balance of resources suitable to your organization between the company environment, with the particular job requirements and competencies of the required resource. We as a service provider would help focusing on all critical placements in providing the best resource to your door step.


When it comes to online marketing, social media is no longer optional. Given the massive traffic social media such as Facebook attracts and the boundless enthusiasm with which the consumers interact on them. CEYMPLON can build successful social media marketing strategies that can encourage interaction and build relationships.